It’s moving season!  It seems like everyone is moving during this time of year.  Make sure before you move into your new home that it doesn’t already have bed bugs waiting for their next meal to move in.  Inquire with the rental management about their bed bug preventive maintenance plan, and ask to see any bed bug inspection reports.  If they don’t have a plan or reports, ask if you can have the apartment/house inspected before you sign your lease.  Not only are people moving like crazy during this time of year, but bed bugs are too.  Make sure you’re not the one being invited for dinner!

K9BugFinder, canine bed bug detection

Maggie and I will find those bed bugs for you
To schedule a time for me to inspect your home for bedbugs, call me at (408) 389-4225 or email me at Maggie and I will be happy to provide you some peace of mind.


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